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Florian Collante is considered the most influential fashion and portrait photographer. In addition to his decades as a photographer, Florian Collante has worked on a wide range of web design and charity activities.


Born in 1989 in Emden with his single mother and his sister, who is 2 years older, far away from fashion and Hollywood, the Collante family moved early to the city of Oldenburg. During his active time in the Oldenburg football scene, he made his first attempts as a photographer. Florian Actively engages as a photographer only in 2015, and from there on became a professional, thus completing his first commissioned work. In 2017, Florian sought new experiences in Barcelona and new inspirations for his work, which helped him to create a unique and personal photographic language. „I notice my development from image to image.“


Autowerk Safenwil, Businesswelt, Aragaza, Anonyme Designers, Kimi Räikkönen, Cedric Itten, Fratelli B, Chanelle Doreen Wyrsch,

Magazine & Press
Pro7, NIFF Magazine, TAFF, BEAUTYMUTE Magazin, Zuger Zeitung

Sergey Moshov, Janine Küffer, Patrick Rettler, Patrick Harazim,
Sonja Saur  u.a